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I have been looking at much less expensive modulars and could not pull the trigger. Today saw the Shoei Neotec for $300 off, paid $257. Can not wait for it to come.
I know they make the newer Neotec II, but I want to instill a BT, Conn system and do not care for the one that works with the Neotec II, I would have to have my unit to far back.
Anyway, I hope I made the right pick, at $257 I had to go for it.


Wow, MJ, that is a *seriously* good price! I paid a lot more for my Neotec.

The Neotec is the first modular I've had in a long time. I wore a less expensive one for several years, until one day while I was wearing it I casually bumped the chin piece with my shoulder, and the chin piece flipped up. I'm not sure how long the chin latch had been kaput, but the idea of a failure in a crash was too much for me. I wore full-face helmets exclusively for years after that.

But Shoei doesn't make any junk. I felt like I could trust that company to build a quality modular.

Have been very pleased with mine over the last 2 years.

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I am looking to get a new helmet this year. While I have been wearing a Shoei full face for years, a couple of friends have Nolan modular helmets and love them, so will be checking them out. Quality first, excellent fit needed too.


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Update on New helmet. I got the Shoei Neotec for $300 off, paid $257. It came and was damaged, cut on top, shield missing, the box was damaged and tape to hold it closed was gone. So I returned it. They made me pay for return shipping! I ended up getting a Nolan modular 104. and a Cardo bold. Not from the same place or where I ordered the Shoei from. I paid $180 for the Nolan (list was like $400) and $210 for the Cardo PackTalk Bold JBL, list was $339.

Been riding, checking out the Helmet and Cardo. The Helmet is nice but I would never pay list price for it. The pin-lock works great, no fogging at all. Both the outer shield (clear) and the dark drop down do move side to side when the clear shield is open, when the outside shield is down (closed all the way) both are fine with very little wind noise. It does have a lock that will lock the open modular part on top (in place), so you can ride with it open. Riding with it open the helmet is well balanced with nice airflow. Cardo sound is like being at a concert hall, but the Voice Commands do not always work, which may be me (coming from Da Bronx NY), Unit to unit is great and you do not have to push anything, just talk. You can play the radio or music stored in your phone and when a Rider talks the unit picks them up and you hear them over the radio/music, then you can talk back, when you are done the radio/music goes back on. Or you can set it up for the radio/music to keep playing at a lower level and you can talk over it. The unit works 3 ways, push buttons on the side of the unit, voice commands or the App on your phone, what I like is you can mix it up anytime without having to re-set the unit. It also does phone calls, including reading you text messages. But I just say "Cardo Ignore".
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