Made it to March


Well, we've made it now to March. I am consoling myself that in years past I have, once in awhile, been able to get my bike down my 600-foot-long gravel and mud driveway in March to ride it.

The itch is so bad, especially on these sunny days!

Mike feels the same way: He can hardly wait to get back to riding his Spyder. (This is awesome, because for the last couple of years he has seemed to dread the start of riding season, for fear he would discover he "lost it" over the winter. No longer a problem for him now that he's on 3 wheels!!)

Vulcan Mediator

New member
Evan as the snow melts and the glaciers recede from my lawn, (I'm looking to the future on that last point), I don't get too excited. For me, once the snow has melted there is so much salt and sand on the roads that I wait till the street sweepers are out and we get a good rain. I expect it will be at least mid April before I seriously consider riding.
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