Happy 1st day of Spring!


Wishing a happy first day of Spring to my fellow CTX700 riders!

It's amply warm enough here in the Catskills today to ride, but it's also raining. My dirt driveway is a mud bog. So I won't be taking "Flicker" out for an inaugural run just yet.

Like many people, I am rather confined to my home in hopes that the coronavirus pandemic will pass me by untouched. I had a slew of plans in March, April and May, including attending my grandson's graduation from Naval Basic Training, that have gone down the tubes. Hopefully I can get out to ride a bit soon, for a breath of fresh air and a taste of freedom.

Hope everyone out there is being smart and staying well.
I picked up the Silver Bullet from winter storage yesterday. It was a cloudy 55 degrees, but I did enjoy the ride home. Traffic was eerily light due to the social distancing and staying in place. I'm not venturing out right now, for anything other than a bike ride.

Stay safe everyone.



ME TOO ! ! ! Have only ridden Monday this week since last Sept. Mostly due to health issues but it was like learning how to ride anew. We are not going out much at all and it looks like it will be a while before we can get out to go -- anywhere! Stay safe everyone.


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I never really stop riding for the winter, both because we get little snow in my part of Oregon, and my bike is my main way to get around. On 3/21(warm and sunny) my wife and I did a 130 mile ride thru the back roads. A good way to distance ourselves - jacket, gloves, full face helmet. It's damp and cloudy again, but Wednesday's looking good.

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I hope to get my bike out of my shed, but recent developments make make that problematic. I need to get around to get some groceries and supplies for some family and neighbours, and using the bike would be more efficient. Price of gas has dropped by almost 50% in past month due to variety of factors. Stay safe everyone.
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