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Hi guys, my name is Mitch and I work at Moto Machines (www.motomachines.com) which is a seller of premium motorcycle accessories such as windshields, luggage, and protection. I am reaching out to the community here to become more involved and in efforts to get to know what people are looking for and what to stock. So I have three questions for you.

One, what would you like to see being sold that you have a hard time finding? This can be one item specifically or a whole category of things.

Two, Amazon has caused some problems with real-world expectations and now those new to motorcycling from the Amazon world expect everything to be in stock. We do our best to keep everything in stock but it’s simply not possible based on how many options are available and the fact that some items don’t sell that often. Can you please let me know how important it is to you that the item is in stock when you purchase the item. What is the length of time you are willing to wait on an item to get back in stock? Have you gone with an alternative lesser quality item because you didn’t want to wait? Do you still have that item or did you end up replacing it? Whatever your experience on this subject, we want to hear!

Three, what grinds your gears when it comes to purchasing items for your bike?


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C Bailey used to make windshields for the faired CTX. Unfortunately they stopped production, even though they had developed the best product by far. It would be nice to see someone fill this nitch.
Need one that fits the fared model that is wide to protect the hands and tall enough to not cause buffeting. My 20" windshield is too short. Needs to be at least 25" tall, preferably 26". I had to add an extension, which works OK, but is not ideal.

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Hi Mitch;

The previous owner installed an MRA screen that I replaced with a Madstad one; major improvement. Buying lockable hard bags can be a challenge but I ended up with a set of Shad SH36 hard bags and a large top box. From what I understand, many people add floorboards, but I'm still happy with my original pegs.

Personally I don't like Amazon and won't buy from them. I would expect that something that is in demand should be available within 2 weeks; for less urgent purchases, I would look at buying them in the Winter where time is not as important for delivery.

Finally, no major complaints about buying items for my bike. There are few items designed specifically for the CTX, but many things designed for the NC 700 / 750 will fit or could be adapted.
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