Christmas has come and gone


I was out riding yesterday and on Xmas, there were boatloads of bikes out. So it's not all bad.


I'm not waiting on Summer, I was out Xmas day too! Ah... Florida. Middle of summer is when I park the bike! Wet, Humid, Muggy, Hot...


Up here in the Catskill Mountains, we're in the deep pit of the non-riding season.

Roads are coated with salt.

Salt is needed to control the ice and snow.

If it warms up enough and rains hard, that washes the salt away.

Which leaves the sand. Nobody sweeps the sand until April.

And the potholes. Nobody patches those until April, either.

<Sigh> Basically, we're outta luck in these parts until Spring.

This is the time of year when I wonder why I don't just buy a truck, hitch, and trailer, so I could load up Flicker and drive to somewhere nicer, even for a weekend, to get in some riding.


Oooo, please give us a ride report, would you, Prof?

I have a secret yen for an e-bike. I don't know anybody who has one, or who has even tried one. I'm very curious to hear what it's like to ride.
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