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I bought my 2014 CTX700N six speed manual new in the fall of 2015. I now have about 5,700 miles on the OEM treads and they still look great! What has been the general experience with the OEM tires and what kind of replacements are common or suggested? I'll be heading off to the dealer for my regular 6,000 look see soon. No real issues other than leaks on front struts which I had rebuilt last summer and the chain and sprocket still look great. I regularly clean and lube the chain and according to the the dealer tech I got an A+ the last time I was in for my USB install!

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Jim, I got 9,500 miles out of my original Bridgestones.

I replaced them with a set of Dunlop Roadsmart III tires. People had reported that the Dunlops gave an improve 'road feel', and I have to agree with the reviews. This is somewhat subjective, of course, but I like how the Dunlops ride.

People also reported that the Dunlops wear well, and I hope I'll find this to be the case.


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Hi Jimmy
I would check the date code on the tires, if you have a 2014, the tires could be from 2013. They could be 5-6 years old. Check tires for dry rot, little cracks on the sidewalls. I have a rule, if at the start of my riding season the tires are more then 4 years old, I replace them. If they have any signs of dry rot they are replaced, I do not care how good the tread looks. But that is just me. If you do a search here for "Dunlop Roadsmart III tires" you will see my report on tires.

Note that I think, the Roadsmarts, Michelin, Metzlers and Bridgestones have all been updated by now and it may come down to price, they are all good tires. When I need tires I go for the top 3, find the best price on each and go from there.

I maybe wrong but, You riding 2K miles a year whatever tires you have on your bike will more then likely dry rot before you wear the tread down. If that is the case then I would go with the Bridestones,or Michelins having had Dunlops, and Metzlers dry rot. Not on my CTX but other used bikes I had.
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