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Was asked to post this so here you go. Copy pasted from other site, so I'll try to add some more at bottom.

Recently had the day off, so decided to finally get what are my final projects done on the bike. As you see in other posts I got my relay in, so it led me the final step, added sound.

I decided on the MCBK420B Bluetooth, All-Terrain, Weatherproof Speaker And Amplifier Sound System, Two 3 Inch Speakers, Bluetooth Amplifier, Inline Volume Control, Ideal For Motorcycles/ATV and 12 Volt Applications. All I care about is playing from my phone or old Ipod. This unit has an 3.5mm jack and Bluetooth.

Picked it up on Amazon. Hardest part was figuring out where to mount it and bike back together. I wanted it hidden. Decided I could fit the speakers under the dash panels, remove the grill covers, and put the volume control in left one. Wires wouldn't reach to put the amp under the seat, and didn't want to extend lines, so I put the amp under the front cowling. Factory power wire is long enough to reach battery. Cut some small blocks of wood to fill the hole on the frame where I mounted the speakers and remembered to leave enough room for the fairing screws.

All in all pretty happy with it, sounds good, just use to factory radios, where they turn down the volume automatically as you stop. Going form 70mph turned up to a stop, wow... you'll get some attention.

This sound issue was fixed by using an Android App on my smartphone called Speed of Sound. Uses your GPS turn control volume based on your speed. Also installed switches on dash to turn system on and off instead of having it on all the time I had bike on, whether playing music or not.



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Hi, can you post instrutions about on/off buttons?

Where did you purchase them from?
How did you mount them on dash?


Bought from Ebay. Boat rocker switches. Very inexpensive. So cheap, bought extras just in case. Think they were $2 each. Pulled panel (very easy) drilled a couple of holes and wired lin-ine with stereo, other driving lights. Third wire added for LED. The wires are on push pins so you can dismantle easily.
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