Starter Relay Recall in Progress


Was up in Gatlinburg with my CTX700 DCT ABS 2016
Bike has just over 9000 miles
Turned off bike with ignition key not kill switch
Gassed up
Bike would not start
Just "click" "click" "click"

Battery fully charged
Kickstand not down
Nothing to blame

Took off seat and right about at right knee position is the starter relay
Jumped across the high amperage end connectors
Bike started up
Bike continued to start up from then on

Looked up starter relay CTX700 found this

Lots of other links

Went to my local dealership today and they said
"Your Vin is not included in Recall"
"If it is not totally failing we cannot fix/replace on just your word"
Got pissed
Bought the relay for just under $70
Put it in my self in about 2 mins
Moving on....


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I was surprised that I push-started the CTX700 (manual) on the first try with no problems about two months after I got it new (2014 model in 2016) and the battery was too low. Part of my surprise was because I was a new rider at 53 yrs old and really didn't want to push and jump onto a 500 lb hunk of metal. Wanted to call AAA, but I had hot carry-out in the saddle bag so I tried and it wasn't all that hard.

I'll be checking for the recall, but if yuns have that fail on the road you're not really stranded. Just get someone to push you about 5 MPH and pop the clutch out in second gear, then squeeze back in so the engine can rev up to idle. Just like push starting an old car that's 4 times easier to push.


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I just bought a used CTX700 DCT ABS 7900 miles on it. I too am having starting troubles, bought a new battery and in 200 miles it tested bad, the voltage regulator tested low and failed ohm test by the dealer. I just saw this post on the recall and it was only good for one year, late 2014 through 2015. Apparently no notices were sent out to owners but there was a service bulletin sent to dealers to replace starter solenoid. My bikes vin didn’t show up for the recall but it was included in the service notice, go figure. So I’m waiting for a new battery, voltage regulator, and looks like a new starter solenoid. I can understand now why the volt regulator when bad. Anyone else have this experience?


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Kujawskir, you won’t be hearing from Honda about the recall I just called my dealer and they said the recall time has ended. Dealer service centers have the bulletin but the recall period has ended in late 2015, so I’d check with your dealer and see what they’d do for you before you burn something else up. My Ctx is the DCT auto, so I can’t bump start it, one draw back to the auto trans. I lost my voltage regulator as well a $200+ item!
Logan in State College


I've been through the wringer on this starter battery recall
I bought several new starter relays they weren't the problem
I traced out the entire circuit system...turns out the DCT is so sensitive to battery voltage it was the battery.
Bought a new battery
Fully charged it all the way up off the bike
Installed and working fine now since January no matter how many times I start it in a day....

Batteries are only good for about 3 years..and alot of batteries on stored for up to a year or two before they are even sold...
I bought my bike from a huge dealership in July 2016
They put a brand new battery in it then
My battery wore out October 2018
It was at least a year old in the box when they opened the box and installed it...
Living up to the stories about getting roughly three years from new.
Battery life

I haven't had any DCT issues , but when I took my bike in for winter storage, the dealer said the battery was weak and replaced it. Since a lot of my rides were short and around town, it never got fully recharged each time i rode. It lasted about three years, and now I have a tender installed for the new one, and put it on an automatic charger between rides now.
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