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Happy New Yr, Happy its 2020 !! Putting the not so great "teens" behind us. Awoke this Nu Yrs Morn feeling the 72.25. :))) yrs I really am. Don't have a CTX DCT 700 yet, have made several offers, sold out from under me. Presently enjoy a '09 Burgman 400, the "White Knight" and a '07 Honda VFR800, thec "Matador", both, great rides. I would hope a CTX DCT would bring the stability of Larger 17" wheels VFR roadworthiness and Burgman 400 economy/practicality, perhaps even exceeding in mpg! More imptly AUTO Tranny, combined with 6spd paddle shifters sounds great for this old guy. If you're not up to speed, SOCAL riding may be nearly year round, but the traffic flow real dicey.... MCs' seem nearly at bottom of the motorized "food chain", seldom seen, lil avoided, sometimes even road rage targets! .. Just wanna do some Bucket List Calif Coastal trips & bike camping.


Welcome, Boomerbeach! Thanks for starting the new year by joining us.

Former Burgman 400 (and 650) owner, here. You would *definitely* find yourself riding in greater comfort on the CTX700's larger wheels. One of the things I remember clearly from my B400 days is dodging potholes of any size, to avoid having my teeth jarred loose. The CTX700 will walk right over such road imperfections.

I routinely get 60 MPG from my CTX700, which is comparable to what I used to get on my B400.

The DCT is one of the features I enjoy most about my CTX700. It's the best of both worlds for me: The twist-and-go convenience I remember from my scooter days, coupled with the ability to select gears that I enjoyed from conventional cruisers.

The CTX700 is also a darned nice handling bike. It's not a sport bike, but it moves with more ease and composure than any cruiser I have ever ridden.

Let us all know if/when you make the move.


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Finally!! Procured a like nu blu '16 DCT ABS via EBay 1/16, not delivered til 2/21/20, 1 yr new, only 4987mi, inc Givi screen, OEM Pinions, cruz. A GREAT buy! About $4200 total, inc Haul Bikes $575- ship fee from Orlando and $192- credits via CapOne Savor card (100% CC purchase- NO %- 18mos!). Bike was picked up within 48hrs from Fla seller, arrived in Las Vegas- 7days.. BUT SAT THERE 3 MORE WEEKS :)(( B4 my SoCal, but in great condition. I dont buy "sight unseen", gauged situ, thankfully, worked out!
Bike answer to what I've been seeking, even more, LUV IT. At age 72+, the DCT is wondrous, NOT outta "S" mode since 2nd day. So quick off-line, up-shifts like butter, stoplight Grands Prix NO problemo... More amazin? Auto downshifts from speed, EZ to initiate with a lite brake jab for every gear! To Boot?!.. Lo-sitting, lite weight, Great handling, 65mpg- regular, EZ use pinions++.... Near Perfection. Only damn gas cap, patience demanding.. (;)).
I would label "Blu" my CoVed19 escape machine, only some 500mi after a mo with off/on rains & restrictions. Doggonest SoCal days ever witnessed since 1961 arrival!! Traffic so lite, its spooky, weekday Coastal PCH jaunts, exploring nearly "abandoned" Beach Cities like Twilight Zone experiences! An inland WM trip necessary, yesterday, bizarre walking in after just removin helmet, sporting my Duluth neck cover over mouth, lite black gloves.. Shoot! .. Coulda been shot only weeks ago. Gads, Ladies & Gents, this about the biggest, most strange ClusterPhuque ever seen, massive Admin screwups cap it off. I'm in a great Coastal spot & lifestyle, realizing my.. Our lives have changed, Very Long Term... So and again, keep our chins up, hopes high, noses to grindstones... ALL THE BEST! Mr B in The O.C...
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