Seat swap possible


I just bought an almost perfect seat off of a 2016 bike that only had 750 miles of use. Since I'm going to strip the seat down to the pan, before I do that I wanted to offer a deal to someone who wants to sit a little closer to the tank (since the 2016 has the seat cut closer to the front). Or your seat has a ripped or worn out cover. Those considering a Seth Laam or Russell DayLong seat coversion might be interested in this as well.

Here's the deal, just for the cost of the shipping, I'll swap my pristene 2016 for your I-don't-care-of-the-condition-seat. My seat will ship for $28.50. You PayPal that amount to me and you send your seat to me as well and I'll have the 2016 seat shipped to you. So, for just the cost of the shipping, you'll have the 2016 seat.

I told the seller to hang on until Wed before he sends the seat out to me to give someone the chance to do the swap. The first person who PM's me to arrange, of course will get the seat.
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