Replaced the chain


Late last year, I had an episode where my chain got loose -- WAAAY loose. The shop that got me fixed up cautioned me to watch for binding.

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago, coming home from a rally in Lake George. About 15 miles from home, I knew my chain was goofed again. It was a noisy ride the rest of the way, but I made it, and a few days later I also made it down to my local shop.

"Flicker" now has a new chain. I only got about 12,600 miles out of the original. My mechanic said that isn't bad, but I'd hoped for better. (Thankfully, he said both of my sprockets were in good shape, no damage. That was a relief.)

Definitely switching to a chain oiler (which I have on the shelf but never installed). Enough of using that gunky wax.

Speaking of gunky, anybody know an easy(ish) way to access the front sprocket to clean it? I imagine it's filthy.
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