My baby cruiser!

Spirit 4

My 2014 CTX700N (AKA Spirit IV) is the first motorcycle I have owned and I bought it right after completing the Motorcycle Safety course in the fall of 2015 at the tender young age of 70! I knew there weren't that many options available for the relatively new CTX model, but it was clear to me after a few rides that there were some things I needed to add if I were to do much highway riding! I put together a short video, with captions taking you thru the additions that made it the perfect highway rider and keeper! This is the link to that YouTube video detailing those few mods: I also did a full video of all changes I made since 2015 at the same location with the title: "The Evolution of Spirit IV a CTX700N". There are a few mods not in the older video like the new camera system and Denali horn, but it is pretty complete! I have had over 100 thousand plus views but can't seem to get the subscriber count up, thanks for checking out my 106 video postings and if you haven't subscribed to my channel please do it today!

Jimmy H.
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