Motorcycle Sprocket & Chain Removal


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THe CTX700N/CTX700ND is naked version of the CTX series and is available with Dual Clutch Transmission and ABS. The Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) has a full automatic transmission mode or a manual transmission mode by the paddle shift buttons on the handlebars. The CTX700N It’s designed for new motorcyclists, with a low seat height of 28.3 inches, flowing low-end and midrange torque, and a six speed transmission. Just like the NC700X, the tank is actually a glove box and features a storage area. The CTX700D MSRPs at $6999 and $7999 for the DCT/ABS model.
Are you having problems with your new bike? Already! If so, I would attempt to return it or exchange it. That's just me, though.


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Pretty much invaluable bit of video here really.
Trying to find a clean and clear/concise tutorial on getting bits on/off the bike are like goldust, even in today's age of instant digital delivery on nearly every subject imaginable.

Nice work uploader ;)
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