Jerky Throttle


Since I've had my CTX, throttle response from a standstill has been like a quick drop of the clutch and sort of jerks me back in the seat and requires a firm grip on the handle bars. No matter how hard I tried to be very gentle on takeoff I always get a jerk on takeoff.

As luck would have it, and while surfing the web looking for possible solutions to the issue, I found a site selling a product called a "Throttle Tamer". I ordered it on Monday, received the wrong one on Wednesday, reordered a correct one on Thursday and received it today (Monday). It took about two hours to install it. Nearly all of the time was spent trying to remove the heated grip without damaging it. That didn't work so I just cut the power cable to the grip, ordered a heated grip for replacement. Then disassembled the clamshell holding it in place and removed the transmission cables from the throttle tube and removed the OEM tube and grip.

Reassembly was pretty much the reverse of the disassembly and went very smoothly.

A short test ride later proved that this is a worthwhile modification for me. Throttle response from standstill is so smooth. Yet, I can still take of quicky if I wanted. Mid-range throttle response was a bit quicker than before the change. I can recommend this to anyone with jerky takeoff issues. I believe this will improve my slow speed maneuvering also.

I found the guys at G2 Ergonomics very helpful and ready to help correct the wrong part quickly.


Ponydrvr, thanks for the tip.

Hubby got himself a lightly used '14 CTX1300 last month, and one of his few complaints is jerky throttle response. I'm gonna see if this product is available for his new bike.


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does anybody know the Throttle tamer part number that fits the CTX700N? Just need the tube so I can install new heated grips


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The only time my '15 DCT clutch gets a bit grabby is the first little bit on a 40 f morning. When it's that cold I start my bike while I gearing up.
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