Hello from Allentown


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Going to pick up my 2015 ctx700n next week. A dealership near me had a great deal on new stock 2015 models. I rode a shitty 250cc scooter as my daily for a couple years so this is my first actual motorcycle. I don't know if this is the right place for this question but what would be a good way to secure the bike as I live in a not so great neighborhood?
Thanks and hello
There's the beaut if the attachment worked


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Welcome from NY. I would think the best way to secure the bike would be to chain it to something, cover it, and have it in a garage. And have good insurance, making sure that you are covered for the full value of your loan or more. Sometimes book value of a bike (if it was to get taken) is lower then a loan on the bike but you can get the insurance company to up the value of the bike. I for get what they call it but the insurance company will know.
Good luck and happy riding.
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