Greetings from the Great White North

Vulcan Mediator

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Just found this forum again while browsing and thought I would sign so and maybe find someone else with a CTX north of the Great Lakes.

I noted a few familiar names from another forum, and looking forward to on-line contacts with others.

I'm had my 2014 CTXN for 2 riding seasons. My longest Trip was from Ottawa to the Maritimes last September. Unfortunately, it was just as Damian was heading up the eastern seabord, so headed home straight through Maine, NH, Vermont and NY before crossing back into Ontario.

We just got another 25 cm (10") of snow last week, so skiing will be nice this week, but I've had enough. Want this white stuff (actually, now more like a dreary brown colour) to melt so I can get my motorcycle and bike out on the road. Likely another 4-6 weeks till the street sweepers get out and rain washes away most of the sand and salt. Getting closer.



Hi, Vulcan Mediator! Nice to see you here.

Not too many Canadian members are active here -- actually not too many members are active here, period. A few of us are from the northern US, though.

I envy you your trip to the Maritimes. I've visited New Brunswick, but (sadly) that was in a car. Just not the same.

Where'd you cut across New York State?

Vulcan Mediator

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Hi Woodswoman. Nice to be here.

It sounds like many members may be hibernating, waiting to see if any politicians see their shadow after Super Tuesday (trying to pick up some commentary from NPR and CNN). It's raining so that will help the snow melt, but I don't remember a March where we did not get at least one good snow storm. I figure on getting my bike out of the shed in a couple of weeks when the ground is still covered with a bit of ice, but enables me to get it to the driveway: wait too late and I'd need a motorcross to clear the backyard.

After cutting through the middle of Maine and passing to the north of the White Mountains, we passed Burlington Vt to see the university where a friend I grew up with in Montreal teaches, then went up the middle of Lake Champlain on #2, along the top of NY till just east of Massena where we crossed back into Ontario.

I may head back for a few day trips this summer. Friends and fellow riders have recommended the Finger Lake district around Syracuse and I haven't been back to the Adirondack mountain range since I was a kid.. drove through a nasty thunderstorm and it seemed like the car was on a 30 degree tilt, up or down for many hours.

Where are you located and what are some of your favorite rides up towards the norther territory?


Your route is familiar! My first-ever motorcycle road trip took me to the coast of Maine (Camden, to be specific), and then right across New Hampshire and Vermont to Burlington, across Lake Champlain on the ferry, into the Adirondacks to Lake Placid, then southward and home. I was on a Burgman 400 in those days. Rode about 1,000 miles over a week, and had a great experience.

I'm in the Catskill Mountains of New York. A little ski town called Hunter.

Is Ottawa home for you? I think it's a lovely city.
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