EPA is at it again


Just got an email from the AMA
Seems the EPA is making another attempt to mandate a minimum purchase of 4 gallons.
You read it right Four Gallon minimum
from the email
"In its “E15 & Flex Fuel Retailer Roadmap” for fuel retailers, a pro-ethanol group offers this advice:

“E15 can be sold on the same hose with gasoline (E0 to E10) using this configuration: Require a minimum purchase of four gallons and apply a label stating ‘Minimum Fueling Volume 4 Gallons. Dispensing Less May Violate Federal Law.’” (P. 80, emphasis added).

The AMA spotted this minimum-purchase policy in 2012 and, with the voices of thousands of motorcyclists, made enough noise that the EPA backed away from it. You can read about that battle here.

Since the average fuel tank for motorcycles holds less than 4 gallons, riders are unable to buy the required minimum of 4 gallons. And, even motorcycles with larger tanks could end up with a blend with more than 10 percent ethanol. Or, end up fueling what you think is safe fuel and end up with something much worse! Check out what some motorists experienced in Oklahoma recently.

We thought common sense prevailed at the EPA when on Dec. 17, 2012, the agency informed the AMA it had reversed its decision to require the 4-gallon minimum purchase."

do not turn this political, just contact your Senators and Representatives and let them know you think this is BS.
And if you don't belong, give some thought to joining the AMA. Check them out, they do good things for all of us on two wheels.

Merlin III

New member
I don't want to make it political, but frankly I don't believe that there is anyone at the EPA who seriously wants to set a 4 gallon limit. It just doesn't pass the "straight face test", IMO.

If I am reading this correctly, it was a Pro-Ethonal group that brought up the 4 gallon limit up so that one pump can pump different grades of E gas. The way the process works is that industry groups (stake holders) join EPA committees and discuss policy with the purpose of coming up with rules everyone can live with, or most everyone. I find it hard to believe that the MC industry, small engine industry, and even automotive industry would go along with that.

Thanks for the post,. I will keep vigilant of this one just in case.


New member
What "our government" does in an attempt to make us safe is unbelievable. Gun laws are another issue "our representatives" keep adding and adding it into the ridiculous. Chicago and NYC have the strictest gun laws in the nation and somebody gets shot everyday.

Shanghai Dan

New member
Cool! So I fill up with 3 gallons in the tank, and I'll just dump the other gallon on the ground. The EPA won't mind that, will it?


New member
Seems like this came up a year - 18 months ago & it fell flat. Seems like we locked in on 10% max at that time.=== Could this just be that old news recycled ? Oil companies & corn farmers would love a 4 gallon min.
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