Custom Corbin Seat plus two back rests


{SOLD!} Custom Corbin Seat plus two back rests

Well, the time has come for me to let go of my custom Corbin seat. As a lot of folks say, after it was broken in it has been quite comfortable for me, however, it has not ever been so for my darling wife. It was just too hard for her, ergo she never spent enough time on it to even come close to braking it in.

Forgive the pun, but the end result is that my Corbin setup remains in violation of an otherwise sucessful 52 year old policy of "happy wife, happy life." At our age (this summer, we both turned 75), I'm running out of time to get her involved in riding with me, so something’s gotta give before we are shipped off to the VA nursing home (yean, we’re both Viet Nam era veterans).

Anyhow, included in the offered package is the self styled, "low profile" dual seat, a Corbin oval rider's back rest & custom made. matching passenger backrest. I let my wife pick the seat coverings, so not surprisingly, the seat itself is leather, but it is dyed gray to look like a snakeskin, with matching marine vinyl on the sides.
[FONT=&quot]I have to say that her light snakeskin choice surprised me, but the light color goes very nicely with my blue metal flake paint. I have no doubt that it will also go very well with any/all the stock OEM colors out there as well. [/FONT]

With my 255 pound petite-huge frame and just under 2000 miles in the 3 years since I bought it, this Corbin's rider saddle is already properly "broken in" and ready for the road. I have a fair amount of experience with leather and have conditioned the seat at least twice a year with Bick 4 leather treatment (one of the very best there is). I just gave it another treatment, so it is ready to go.

My ride has always slept in its own garage so the seat has no sun damage and has never been soaked by any of the frequent showers Florida is so famous for (since I don’t ride often enough to have gotten caught in any). A careful examination has confirmed there are no scrapes, cuts, rips or other surface damage to the seat and rider’s back rest. Of course, there are a few installation holes in the rear of the passenger’s back rest which is most often not even visible anyway. BTW, I’m including a new & unused OEM sissy bar I’ve installed the passenger’s back rest on.

I have well over $900 invested in the seat and back rests. The seat & rider back rest was $813 delivered (invoice shown below) and it was another $135 to re-cover the oversized passenger back rest to match (billed separately, but that invoice has been lost). The current Corbin’s are now $816 for just the seat & rider’s back rest (plus tax & transport).

Of course, I’d like to get full value, but before I put this on eBay & Facebook, I’ll entertain reasonable, non-insulting offers for the full set. Let's see how close you can come to the figure I have in mind. [FONT=&quot]BTW, if the snake skin look doesn't work for you, I can arrange to get it re-dyed something more to your liking. [/FONT][FONT=&quot] I’ll even split the cost of shipping it to you. PM me your contact info and let’s talk! [/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Here a bunch of photos for you (Please note: the arm rests are not included in this deal, but they are being offered separately):[/FONT]

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