Continuing with the CTX line Honda Announces the Release of New MC June 2015


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Continuing with the CTX concept and automatics, Honda is bringing the NM4 (in Europe known as the Voltus), to the US in June. Built on the same frame as the CTX but with a rear extension, the base of the bike is longer than the CTX700. The engine, brakes, and power are the same as the CTX700D. Wt is approximately 65 pounds heavier. In Europe this bike has the 750cc engine, in the US it will use the same engine as the CTX700. Fully auto with paddle shift, abs etc.
Additionally with the full faring are floor boards, a bat wind style front shroud with two rather small storage compartments. In the rear the fairings extend to include two; again rather small; built in storage cases. The passenger seat folds up and becomes a 3 position back rest for the driver when no passenger is there. Also the back rest is adjustable forward to move the driver closer to the controls. For some reason Honda thought that a light display would be nice while driving, so the instrument consul has a selection of 25 different background colors. It changes color also depending on which mode is selected. The rear tire is a 200, fat tire, most likely added for stability control, but also the reason why the rear panniers are so small. Seat height is 25.6. Another plus for female riders. Seating and position are interesting, depending on the size of the rider.

The looks of this bike are revolutionary, having been designed by the millennial generation who were strong on anime. Resembling somewhat an Akira bike, from all accounts the looks are a show stopper on the street. If the bike does well in its US opening, look for a take off NM4 with a smaller rear tire, and bigger panniers. The controls I suspect will also be moved rearward to give a more sport style position, but most likely they will be adjustable.
Retail on the bike is 10K - 11K so it is not cheap, which may be a detractor to the market. A more moderate price version would again include a smaller rear tire, make the light show optional, the fat tire package optional, and go back to standard back led illumination, with built in panniers that can hold something. It works well on the CTX. The market would probably be more accepting with an 8999.95 price tag, especially for an introductory bike.


I do. Love it. While same engine and tranny, completely different bike. I did a complete review and comparison on one of these forums, but can't seem to find it.
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