Comfort Improvement Modification - #1


In February 2014 I bought my CTX 700. It has been a joy to ride and I have put over 50,000 miles on since. One of the comfort things that most of us do is to upgrade the footpegs to floorboards and the seat. I installed a set of Kuryakyn Floorboards just before I began and had Rick Lamm re-do my seat during my 2014 U.S. Four Corners Tour. A lot of comfort issues were resolved for me. There have been many changes and upgrades since then with each providing enjoyable benefits.

I was riding regularly so I remained accustomed to the little things that generated nagging discomfort. Last fall I was out for an 8-hour ride in windy and rain conditions. This event generated a EUREKA moment for me. I figured out why my knees were always sticking out into the wind and rain. My floorboards were mounted into the OEM peg fixtures and additionally the offset adapters added more spacing.


The decision to do something to improve was solidified when I looked down and noticed my feet naturally went to rest on top of the offset adapters. Not only that, my knees naturally tucked into the fairing like they belonged there, EUREKA! I set out to find some Honda parts: HOLDER, 50625-MJF-A00, L. Main Step and HOLDER, 50615-MJF-A00, R. Main Step and found them used on eBay.



Comfort Improvement Modification - #2

A little time with my right-angle grinder and the OEM fixtures were able to be parted off. A little time with my right-angle grinder and the OEM fixtures were able to be parted off.


One of them has a hole already in it, the other needed a hole drilled centered on the removed part. At this point I went to my parts bin and selected 5/16” x 1 3/8” FT bolts, 5/16 FT Nylock nuts, 5/16” internal star washers, and external star washers that fit the inside of the Kury Offset adapters. (This will lock the rotation of the adapter to the mounting plate of the Kury Mounting base when the bolt is tightened.)


The end result is that the floorboards are each closer to the bike by 2¼”. I rode to Daytona for Bike Week, (2 - 8 hour days) without the slightest hint of discomfort either going or coming home.
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