2016 CTX700 DCT ABS Blue Saddlebags and Lots of Accessories - Moving Must Sell


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I bought this 3 years ago, I needed to not use my left hand due to injury. I really love and have put it up for sale before but not really tried to sell it...I've put a couple hundred miles on it.

But my health has continued to worsen and I don't have the strength to ride. And we're moving across the country. So it does really need to go.

It has lots of goodies, I couldn't ride it so I just hobbied on it and left it in the garage to look at. It has:

Givi windscreen with spoiler, centerstand, floorboards, sidestand shoe, heated grips, headlight modulator

Less than 12k miles.

The bad - we cleaned out the garage and I put it outside under a tarp. The tarp scuffed the paint some, it can be compounded out but at present it doesn't look perfect. So the low price reflects that and you'll likely need to ship it. I can send more pics, tell me what you want to see. Price is $4500 OBO


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Just getting your attention. ;^)
Out by grand junction eh? Did the cover fuggle the windshield too?
When are you moving?