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  1. Citiexer

    Anybody got a modular helmet?

    Thank you so much for the answers guys! Thanks for bringing up the tiny details that I couldn't predict or even think about! - I wasn't really concerned on the balance, but you are right, it's very important, and I kept it in mind while testing a couple of helmets. So here's what I ended up...
  2. Citiexer

    Anybody got a modular helmet?

    Thanks for the answers guys! My main concern was that all dramatic situations on the road appear suddenly when you don't expect it. So if someone goes for a ride with a chin part up and gets into an accident, in the end gets just as much protection as with the open face helmet. Wouldn't it be...
  3. Citiexer

    Anybody got a modular helmet?

    Hi everyone, I feel like I want to get an open face helmet but I realize that it's not a good decision in terms of safety. My question is does anyone of you have a modular helmet? It looks to be a great alternative because you can put the bottom part back on and turn it into a full-face. Is it...
  4. Citiexer

    Hi everyone, I am new

    Hello, I am a new owner of a 2014 CTX 700 Ruby, just wanted to intro myself. Riding out of the North Jacksonville Beach in FL Bike is used but new to me, revious owner installed the Honda Hard Saddlebags and rear rack. I look forward to checking out this forum, doing mods to my bike and...
  5. Citiexer

    NOT a self-driving motorcycle!

    This looks weird, just like any other revolutionary invention...but again, robot dogs from Boston dynamics are terrifying me much more.
  6. Citiexer

    What was the speed you consistently maintained till today on your bike?

    Totally agree with it, it's safe to say that you should adapt your top speed to the requirements of the road. If it's 55mph, don't go faster, if you're on the highway, 70-80mph shouldn't hurt you.