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  1. ponydrvr

    How I coaxed a little more power from my CTX700 and I didn't have to buy a new bike!

    EUREKA ! ! ! I have discovered a way to add 3 KW power to our little engines for very little costs. In case your wondering, that equates to slightly more than 4 HP. Taking the little engine that might to one that is slightly bigger. 46.9 hp vs 51.0 hp= an 8.7% increase in output potential...
  2. ponydrvr

    Comfort Improvement Modification - #1

    In February 2014 I bought my CTX 700. It has been a joy to ride and I have put over 50,000 miles on since. One of the comfort things that most of us do is to upgrade the footpegs to floorboards and the seat. I installed a set of Kuryakyn Floorboards just before I began and had Rick Lamm re-do...
  3. ponydrvr

    Jerky Throttle

    Since I've had my CTX, throttle response from a standstill has been like a quick drop of the clutch and sort of jerks me back in the seat and requires a firm grip on the handle bars. No matter how hard I tried to be very gentle on takeoff I always get a jerk on takeoff. As luck would have it...
  4. ponydrvr

    What happened here? ? ? ?

    It has been a couple of days and no one has posted? Have we all got writers cramp?
  5. ponydrvr

    New Headlight

    Has anyone used the GTR Lighting, Gen3 LED headlight? What are your experiences compared to what you were using? It is a bit on the pricey side but Seems as it may be a huge improvement to the well received OPT7.
  6. ponydrvr

    Lap of Kentucky

    Another LOK is in the record books. And you might say: "So WHAT! It's only a 1500 mile, 4 day ride around the periphery of Kentucky. Lodging is at three Kentucky State Resort Parks scattered about. I had the privilege to be the routing author for this years event. It was so much fun...
  7. ponydrvr

    My Sena 20S experience

    So last Saturday morning I left home for a Lap of Kentucky proof-ride. Thursday I picked up a Sena 20S to replace a damaged Cardo PacTalk. This I did because my riding buddie has a Sena 20S and raved about all of it's capabilities. In two of the four days of riding we were in some heavy...
  8. ponydrvr

    It was a wonderful day for a ride.

    Been off the CTX for 9 days due to some health issues. Got back in the saddle yesterday and rode ~170 miles for a grilled tuna sandwich and to pick up some salsa. Boy did it feel good! A N D it tasted even better on my scrambled eggs with sausage, peppers, onion, and shrimp.
  9. ponydrvr

    So is there going to be a northern/central Florida get together anytime soon?

    In my endevor to meet as many fellow CTX riders as possible I ask again. I will be leaving PCB at the end of the month and heading home. So is there going to be a northern/central Florida get together anytime soon? It would be great to met some of you, share our modification, experiences and...
  10. ponydrvr

    A good spot for lunch in Ocala, FL on Saturday/Sunday?

    Any recommendations? Since I'm not from these parts, wondering if anyone from these parts feels a need to ride and eat? I'm flexible on time Just prefer not before 11:30 am.
  11. ponydrvr

    Engine quit while traveling

    My doctor finally released me to ride locally last week. I haven't ridden since May 29th so I was more than ready to go. Then I couldn't! My CTX just died about a mile from the house. Had my son pickup my truck and trailer to get it home. The dreaded "STUCK IN GEAR" thing finally happened...
  12. ponydrvr

    Site Time

    I just noticed this "All times are GMT -4. The time now is 09:04 AM ." The time actually is 8:32 am. Any idea why? This is located at the bottom of the page. I did not post like this. The site text editor did this.
  13. ponydrvr

    Any git-t-gathers planned?

    My wife and I are planning to over winter in Florida next year. If the weather permits I'll be riding down or towing the CTX from Louisville. We plan to arrive on Jan 2nd and staying until March 3. This will be our first run at wintering in Florida. Since there are quite number of folks with...
  14. ponydrvr

    US Four Corners Tour

    I'm planning another trip... ...for a second SCMA Four Corners (sanctioned) Tour of the geographic corners of the continental US. I am looking for some hardy riders to travel with me on this adventure. I have already scoped out the roads to ride, lodging, and have a widely varied landscape of...
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