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    How I coaxed a little more power from my CTX700 and I didn't have to buy a new bike!

    EUREKA ! ! !

    I have discovered a way to add 3 KW power to our little engines for very little costs. In case your wondering, that equates to slightly more than 4 HP. Taking the little engine that might to one that is slightly bigger. 46.9 hp vs 51.0 hp= an 8.7% increase in output potential. It's not a lot I'll agree. When your cruising down the Interstate at 75 mph and want a bit more speed You will have it quicker. If your on two lane roads and want to pass that car doing 50 in a 55, you can get to 85 much quicker.

    The power output numbers I'm quoting are direct from Honda with with only change being the air inlet tube. Some may not have a restricted inlet hose but some just might, I did. The differences are in the inlet restriction in the Pt # 17232-MGS-L31. Fortunately, Honda makes an unrestricted air inlet hose Pt # 17232-MGS-D31. I found it in the NC700 parts catalogue. It seems to be a common modification in Europe if your willing to go outside your license class. The nice thing is that without disassembly officials are not likely to find this change.

    BTW: the part is approved for use on the NC700 by CARB since it is a stock item for both the NC700 and 750.

    Costs are in the $50 range and it should be available from a number of US suppliers. For those of you with DIY skills and a Dremel, the restriction can be removed with care and you will have the unrestricted version.

    From the NC700 site this movie is posted:

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