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    Starter Relay Recall in Progress

    Was up in Gatlinburg with my CTX700 DCT ABS 2016
    Bike has just over 9000 miles
    Turned off bike with ignition key not kill switch
    Gassed up
    Bike would not start
    Just "click" "click" "click"

    Battery fully charged
    Kickstand not down
    Nothing to blame

    Took off seat and right about at right knee position is the starter relay
    Jumped across the high amperage end connectors
    Bike started up
    Bike continued to start up from then on

    Looked up starter relay CTX700 found this

    Lots of other links

    Went to my local dealership today and they said
    "Your Vin is not included in Recall"
    "If it is not totally failing we cannot fix/replace on just your word"
    Got pissed
    Bought the relay for just under $70
    Put it in my self in about 2 mins
    Moving on....

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    I was surprised that I push-started the CTX700 (manual) on the first try with no problems about two months after I got it new (2014 model in 2016) and the battery was too low. Part of my surprise was because I was a new rider at 53 yrs old and really didn't want to push and jump onto a 500 lb hunk of metal. Wanted to call AAA, but I had hot carry-out in the saddle bag so I tried and it wasn't all that hard.

    I'll be checking for the recall, but if yuns have that fail on the road you're not really stranded. Just get someone to push you about 5 MPH and pop the clutch out in second gear, then squeeze back in so the engine can rev up to idle. Just like push starting an old car that's 4 times easier to push.

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    VERY interesting and helpful info! Thanks, burdicda.
    2014 Honda CTX700ND, "Flicker"
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