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    Selling Questions

    Hi, I was selling a SUV, bicycles and a motorcycle. Buyers called, on the SUV they asked things like the mileage, engine size, etc. On the bicycles buyer asked things like what year the bike was, tire/rim size etc. On the motorcycle buyers called (10) and the 1st thing they all asked was, "Why are you selling?".

    To which I asked, (in a nice, not mad, joking around way) Have you ever walked into used/new bike dealer and asked why they where selling? In am selling because I want to. I may or may not buy a new/used bike, I may pay some bills or blow the cash playing Lotto, whatever my reason it has nothing to do with someone buying this bike. Note here that the ad to sell the bike, has over 20 photos, list everything about the bike etc. including that the bike is in mint condition, and if you can find anything wrong with it I will have it fixed before you pick it up or take the price of repair off the selling price. I also said, Please call if you need more info or would like more photos.

    I sold the SUV to the 1st person that come to look at it, Sold 5 of the 10 bicycles, but have not sold or had anyone come look at the bike. But had 10 callers, Should I put in the add "selling because I want too" I have sold a few bikes before and said I was selling for health reasons, which was true at the time, but not now. My main reason for selling this bike is I want to see if anyone would buy it, if they do fine, if not I will just keep it. I do not want to say that in the add.

    What do you think?

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    not sure if it applies, but I have mentioned in ads I post that the bike is "senior owned" that seems to let a buyer conclude I'm to old to ride anymore and just need to sell.
    started doing that 4 or 5 bikes ago and it works
    in person if they ask why after having seen the ad, I just say "it's time for me to sell"
    they nod wisely, looking at the old guy, and make an offer
    they don't need to know it's time to sell only because I want to, not because I need to.
    keep your word, no excuses

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    I am not in any way directed this to MJC, this is just my thinking to what aim the asking for "reason for selling" makes any sense.

    What do people think when they ask a seller why your selling it? Do they really think sellers are going to give the real skinny on why your reasons especially if the item has a long list of problems. If the item has a very poor track recored I guarantee you'll get a made up reason unrelated to the truth.
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