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Thread: BRC and ARC

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    BRC and ARC

    Can anyone who took the advanced rider course tell me how much trouble it's worth?

    I was very glad I took the BRC 1 and even more happy with the results of the BRC 2 on the CTX700 with my wife on the pillion. I'd easily travel an hour to take those, for all I learned, but didn't have to.
    The nearby place where I did the two BRC courses does not have any advanced courses all year.
    I'm not sure if I want to ride 54 miles to the nearest all day advanced course (8-5 with a lunch break) and 54 miles back.

    I already feel very comfortable handling the bike from 2 MPH to 80 MPH or more, and safe in all kinds of traffic. I use what they taught in BRC and what dad taught 30 years ago to be seen by other drivers and see the ones who refuse to look. Still, I might do the 11 hour day if someone can tell me how much safer they ride because of what they learned there too.

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    I've taken the ARC twice (five years apart) and it was well worth the time and effort.
    As we rack up miles we get complacent in how we ride and develop little bad habits we aren't even aware of..
    That course keeps you on your toes.
    Braking and slow speed maneuvering can never be practiced enough.
    And you'll learn to keep your edge and stay alert.
    keep your word, no excuses

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