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Thread: Record mpg

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    Record mpg

    I got 71.75 mpg. That's the best I've gotten so far. I went for about a 200 mile ride under pretty much all riding conditions, back roads, Interstates, heavy traffic, and some spirited off the line acceleration. In other words, I didn't baby it. I know some people routinely get that kind of mpg, but I'm normally in the 60 - 65 range.

    I had been running around in sports mode this Spring not caring what my mileage was. I didn't check my mileage then, but it was less than the normal 65mpg.

    The other day I had run into a local fellow that said he had the same bike, albeit sans DCT. That makes 3 so far around here, but I've only seen one last year.

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    Yonkers, 15 miles north of NYC.
    In D mode riding backroads around 50MPH I'll get in lower 70's.

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    I have recorded every fuel stop since I bought my CTX700N since September 2015, now totaling 74.3 gallons over 5,080 miles. I have used low test, high test and some this ethanol and my mpg has stayed consistent at 67.33. I did have a couple back to back readings on 71 and 73 mpg, but I think I did not filled to the level I normally observe. Regardless, of how careful and accurate we are in measuring, it is a fact that she is areal sipper! I always say it is smiles per mile that counts and my 4 cents is mile is a real bonus!

    Jimmy H.

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    Northern Catskill Mountains, upstate New York
    My best-ever was 72 MPG, achieved on a road trip in West Virginia where I was riding energetically on the twisties, in S-mode almost all day. The probable difference? Gasoline with no ethanol.

    Back in New York, where we're largely stuck with 10% ethanol in our gasoline, I average 64 miles to the gallon. That dips below 60 MPG when I ride the twisties energetically, in S-mode.

    I greatly appreciate the thriftiness of this bike on fuel. I remember when I got my CTX, I was sure the 3.3 gallon tank would limit the bike's utility as a long-range vehicle. But it gets such great mileage that it has no trouble making it to the same stops that my husband makes on his Vaquero with its 5+ gallon tank.
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    I got a used 2014 CTX700 manual shift. 3 fuel ups and I am averaging 75 mpg, mostly commuting in 4-5th gear. Really awesome

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