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    Quote Originally Posted by Glen e View Post
    It's true that a battery tender or any real battery charger will not charge a dead flat battery below 11. But there is a way to revive it. You need to hook up a completely fresh 100% charged battery positive to positive negative to negative and let the two equalize overnight. A daily driver car battery will work fine. Once the bad battery is above about 10.0 you can charge it. I've done it countless times on boats and bikes.
    Near the end of the video he claims that if the new tech L ion batteries drop below 11 volts they can be permanently damaged and not recovered . I think I will save the 30% $ more in price and lug the extra 5 lbs of weight of the old school batteries around. At least I think you could jump start it to get you home and a one time drain below 11 volts is not going to destroy it.

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    I don't believe anybody up above mentioned anything about lithium ion, yes, Ions wont, agm's and conventional, Which is what our bike uses, will equalize. That's why I don't like lithium. I am specifically speaking about how to get a battery tender to work if you go below 11. Nothing more.
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    Comedy of errors!!

    I have resolved my issue with relays, instrumentation, and starter. It was the freaking battery, as many of you suggested! I am not sure if I miss read the voltage meter, but it was my new April 2018 battery. After spending several hours trying to resolve the problem on Monday I decided to give it a rest and come back on Tuesday with a new attitude and a full-on attack of the problem. I printed the electrical chart on page 542 of the service manual and headed out to solve the problem! The first thing I did was turn the key on and when I did, I noticed the intensity of the headlight was a lot less than the day before. With that revelation I decided to bring out my True Value battery pack and see if I could jump start the bike. As soon as I made the jumper connection, the dash came to life and moments later the bike roared to life! At that point I decided a good over night charge would put the whole problem to rest. I proceeded to put the Delran Tender on, but couldn’t understand why the light kept blinking red. I quickly discovered that a 7.5-amp inline fuse was missing and now I realize that the charger had not been working all winter, yikes! I put a new fuse in and charged the battery overnight. The next morning, it was time to clean and ride! I rolled her out turned on the key while getting my gear on and when I mounted the bike and hit the starter, the battery was dead again!! I jump started it again and headed for the battery store. They were bewildered by my story but replaced the battery and sent me on my way. Lesson learned, try the easiest solution first!

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    Battery longevity can be attained by putting a tender on every time you put the bike away even if it's only 1 night. Sulfation occurs in batteries when voltage is below its max and lead acid batteries loose charge 1% a day.

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    Thanks for sharing! Very useful.

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