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Thread: Cameras

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    Wondering what kind of cameras the members use to get good videos. I know that Jimmy Hammond uses a Sony Action Cam. What is everyone else using? Go-Pro? iPhone? Let us know and also any suggestions you have for mounting, and what accessories or software you use to get/post videos. Disclaimer - I'm going to get a camera this spring, so I have vested interest in this thread.

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    I mounted a GoPro knock off from Amazon. There's a lot of them for a reasonable price. I'm using it as a Dashcam which records 5 hours and then reverts over on the SD card. The cam starts and stops automatically with the accessory 12 volts. Most of them have a car mode option, but you can leave it a normal video cam. Below is my mounting on the mirror post and a snapshot of the cam. The cam is 1080P, you can get 4K but that uses up a lot of memory. All mounting hardware came with the cam.
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    Hi Dave,
    Here is the link to the company that I bought my camera mount from. It is as sold as a rock and well made!

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    I have an Innovv K1 camera system on my bike. One camera up front, one in the rear. GPS for speed/location tracking. With a 64GB card, I get about 6 hours before the video loops over - but it's easy to save fun sections by pushing the button on the dash!

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