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    Cee Bailey quits making bike windshields

    Spotted the following conversation on Facebook:

    "I saw a post in another motorcycle group that Cee Bailey stopped making motorcycle windshields. So I went and checked and it seems it's true. It's unfortunate because they made a great product. We had one made for my wife's ctx700 not too long ago and it's awesome. If you have one be careful with it because it sounds like you can't get a replacement."

    A reply: "Yep. I asked them about it and they really didn't elaborate at all."

    If you visit their web site,, you'll observe that the links that were previously in existence for their windshields have been removed. And going directly to the previous URL gets you "404, file not found."

    How sad, for all the motorcycling world! I ran a Cee Bailey shield on my Burgman 650, and was very satisfied with it.
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    That sucks. They had the best shield for the fared CTX.

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    I know a lot of people loved their products, but I had to sell mine. It was too wobbly and lead to lots of buffeting. No fault of the shield, it's just that the bike wasn't made to have such a large heavy shield on it.

    Stock works for me.

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    i have a cee bailey with vent for sale good condition ctx 700d

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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Sneaky Steve View Post
    I know a lot of people loved their products, but I had to sell mine. It was too wobbly and lead to lots of buffeting. ...
    I had the same problem until I installed the foam insert that should have been there. Now it is rock solid.

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    I bought the N model DCT used and it came with the Madstad windshield which I am happy with. I do currently have a Cee Bailey on both my 2003 KLR650 and 2008 Yamaha Majesty and still think they were the best money could buy for those bikes. It was one of the few more expensive aftermarket purchases that I made that when I got it thought that this was well worth every penny and more. A lot of people with different brands of bikes are going to be sad to see them go. I guess the demand for them is just too low to keep producing them and turn a profit.

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    I've been really satisfied with the CB screen. I mounted a hard rubber car rain gutter strip under the cowl bottom of the screen and it's solid as a rock. Too bad their gone on that product line. After now 5 years in production maybe Clearview will take up the slack for the ctx.

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