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    Has anyone installed Rox Risers on CTX700N with Madstad Windshield?

    I have a Corbin standard seat on my bike, which really makes the bike a pleasure to ride. However would be perfect if I could bring the bars up and back a little. I've been looking at the Rox risers. I'm thinking they would work with the Madstad windshield mount if I mounded them on the inside on the handlebar clamp instead of the outside. Has anyone tried this?
    2015 CTX700ND
    Madstad Windshield
    Corbin Standard Seat
    Hepco and Becker center stand
    Fehling Crash bars
    Breakaway Throttle Lock
    Hepco and Becker Lock-it side carrier
    Hepco and Becker 42L Journey side cases
    Hepco and Becker Sissy bar and back rack

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    I have the fairing model but use the Rox risers. The risers have a bolt hole on the sides which I use to mount my radio to. Plus the base riser that the Rox risers are added to are still in the same place after installing the rox risers so I think your Madstad windshield mount sound work. You may have to adjust your mount or make a bracket but you should be fine.

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    I have the N model, with a MadStad, and ROX risers. After I installed the risers, the MadStad went back onto the triple tree with no modification. Nothing to it.

    There were only two tricks to installing the risers. First, I had to work pretty hard to free up enough slack in the cables. Had to cut some of the factory cable ties to do it. Not impossible, but pesky. When you do it, make sure to free up enough slack that the cables do not bind when you fully lock the handlebars.

    Second, once I put on the risers, the clear plastic piece from the MadStad that covers the space between tank and triple tree would not go back on perfectly. The risers caused the pre-drilled holes in the plastic to be mis-aligned. You may either re-drill one of the holes or, if you're a lazy sod like I am, secure one hole with a screw and the other with a twist-tie, and then cover it up with something. I put a nylon bag there, to hold sunglasses and whatnot.

    Here's a photo of my risers that I took some time ago to assist another member. Does this help?

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    No issues here, but I have the Risers adjusted as far back as they will go.
    2014 CTX 700 dct
    2016 NM4

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    I just bought a like new used standard Corbin seat with backrest off EBay and at 5’11” setting as far back as possible stretches my arms out too far to enjoy the backrest. I have a naked 2014 with a Madstad windshield and was looking for something that could adjust my relationship seat to bars. I called Rox Raisers to explore my options and they said I could mount them on the inside of the triple clamps and also I can mount them level with the ground on the outside if I wanted to. So I mounted them level under the outside of the Madstad brackets to get the max amount of pull back and that is as far as the OEM cables will go. At 5’11” this puts me perfectly with proper posture to the most comfortable position possible. I now love the seat where I have a small space to move back and a lot of space to move forward if I chose. I made a couple of brackets to remount the triple tree fairing that makes an excellent platform for mounting misc gauges.
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