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    It's funny because I often get a lot of looks and comments when I ride. I usually ride with my husband and although he has an awesome custom Harley Davidson, many people will come over and talk to me and ask about my Suzuki Boulevard. Of course, I'm partial to the Suzuki as well...I mean it's a tough bike, but it cost probably a 1/3 of what the Harley did. Do you think it's the bike or the fact that it's a chick bike that makes it popular?

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    I would love to have a go on a harley! so jealous! I think it's popular because of both to be honest

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    LOL...then get out! No, just kidding. I have a Suzuki Boulevard. No Vespas in my garage. Not saying I've never ridden one, but I like a beefier motorcycle that really turns heads! My hubby rides a Harley, but I chose a sleeker, lower to the ground bike that didn't cost as quite as much. I will have to say that I turn more heads with mine. Wonder if it's because I'ma girl or if it's just because my bike looks better than his? LOL

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    Wow its great to have a section just for the women! Glad to be here and have the chance to learn from all of you!

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