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    How old were you when you started riding a bike?

    Hi guys! I was wondering how old you were when you started riding a bike. My cousin was just 18 years old when he rode his first bike, I was 26 years old when I first rode mine! Actually the first bike I rode was my cousin's bolt, before that I wasn't even interested in bikes, but after that my love for bikes was born. I'm really thinking of buying a bolt or a CTX700. I'm still thinking on which one I will buy, meanwhile I'm trying to save as much cash as possible to buy it. I might go for an used one.

    So, how old were you when you rode your first bike?

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    I got my moped when I was 28. I got my motorcycle at 30. But I first rode on the back of a motorcycle when I was in my early 20's probably 21 when a friend from college bought a bike. It was thrilling and I always had it in the back of my mind that I would get my own bike at some point in the future.

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    Wow, that sounds like an amazing story I felt the same way when I rode my first bike, I was on the bike and my cousin was giving me the ride of my life That kind of memories are really valuable, I'm sure I'll treasure this one for the rest of my life. Because it was in that moment when I knew I had to get my own bike. I guess I'll be getting my first bike at about the same age you did

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    I started riding back when I was 16, riding dirt bikes but I moved on from there.

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    I was about 20 when I first started riding. Ever since then I have been riding my motorcycle.

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    I got my license at 19 and I bought my first bike at 22 it was a SH white 2001 Yamaha R1. Now that I think about it was a pretty stupid thing to do for a beginner, 130bhp for a 400 pounds bike for a newbie is a lot, I was lucky I escaped uninjured. I learned a lot during the 3 years I had that bike and in 2007 after a long break from motorcycling I bought a 2006 R6, it was love on first sight. I still ride the R6 every day.
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    I have been riding on my dads bike with him from being tiny. he didn't take me out on the road when i was tiny, just around the drive. we had a big drive haha

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    Awesome It must have been so interesting to have a bike rider as a dad My dad doesn't even dare to touch cars since he had a really nasty accident that almost costed him his life before was even born.

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    I just started riding a bike when I was seven years old. Physically I used to be strong, hefty and tall compared with the children of same age. Due to this it was made easy for me to handle a bike in that age. Surprisingly, I didn't find any trouble in learning it those days. I became an expert in riding doubles and even triples by the time I was thirteen. It was really a great time those days with a bike and all my day was spent with the bike requesting my mom saying an iterative phrase "Mom, last round last round!" which is never actually the last one.

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    Wow, really?? Your parents let you ride a bike when you were 7 years old?! That sounds kinda crazy! It's a miracle you didn't harm yourself, I don't think I'll ever allow my kid to do that :O But it's great you didn't harm yourself, are you still riding a bike or you quit?

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