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    Quote Originally Posted by andrew172 View Post
    Indeed, I loved that feeling of first riding a bike and everything changing when I did! I wish I could relive that experience.
    Yeah, the first time of everything is really good. I often think I'm always hoping to experience the same feeling I had the first time I did something exciting, like the first time I traveled abroad or the first time I signed a contract and got a job. Amazing feelings! The first times are always the best! I hope we have a lot ''first times'' of everything to enjoy left

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trellum View Post
    Wow, really?? Your parents let you ride a bike when you were 7 years old?! That sounds kinda crazy! It's a miracle you didn't harm yourself, I don't think I'll ever allow my kid to do that :O But it's great you didn't harm yourself, are you still riding a bike or you quit?
    Yeah! That surely sounds crazy I accept with you that children of that age shouldn't be allowed to do so. But the only advantageous reason behind this is my height I used to manage my father's bike very easily and that's the reason my parent's are not afraid of sending me along with the bike

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    Disturbingly, I never rode P2W vehicles until I was 35! Logged nearly 30k miles in 2 years on small displacement scoots!

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    It's funny.. while I was moderately young when I first rode a bike, I wouldn't let my children ride on till they were at least 35

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    I was a bit older than most, I really didn't get into them until I was in my forties. A man I was dating had a Harley and we used to spent many weekends traveling around on it. Eventually I will get a Harley but I am fine with what I have. I no longer date that man but I did learn a lot about bikes with him.

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    I was 37 when I learned. I am almost 39 now. I have a lot to learn, and I'm loving every minute of it.

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    I was about fifteen when I first got on a bike. My neighbor had a Honda CBR 600 R which I feel in love with. One day he called me and asked me if I wanted to ride it and of course I said yes! He me a few lessons because that was what he did, he gave riding lessons. Riding around on that bike made me feel like a king, the amount of girls I got was amazing lol

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    50, started real late.

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    22. just after college.
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    I got my first bike, a Sears Moped, at 13. That was in 1957. At age 71, still riding daily, lovin it daily. Taught my two daughters to ride dirt bikes when they were 6 each, as soon as they learned to ride a bicycle. One of them loves to ride today at age 35 with her husband. Wallacem in Ga
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