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    How do men react to seeing you on your bike?

    Do you get hoots and hollers? I do when I park my bike or when men pass by me at high speeds thinking that they can say whatever they want because they won't see me again. Do you get any snide or sexist remarks? I rarely see any women on bikes so I sort of see why we get strong reactions.

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    You should try coming over here!!! So far I haven't seen a single female rider, the only riders I ever see are males! I ride my cousin's bike from time to time, and so far I haven't had very bad experiences, but I've been close to. Once I was riding my cousin bike, and I had to stop at the local store to buy something. There were a lot guys there, they gave me some really weird looks, as I walked by I heard one of them saying something, but I couldn't hear it clearly. I'd just ignore it anyway! I could feel them staring at me when I came out from the store... creepy!

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    Whenever I stop at a store, bar or even a stop light I get funny looks. It's like I'm an alien because I am a woman on a bike. People really need to get over it. I want to meet more female riders in my community. Right now I know of only one. Does anyone know of a way to meet fellow female bikers? I've thought of starting up a club or putting a craigslist ad out.

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    I feel your pain, sister It's really hard to live in a community where there aren't other female riders. Specially if you live in a macho country like mine, one would think that kind of things shouldn't be happening anymore, but they still do It seems way easier for men to do what they want drive and ride what they want, but so far I haven't seen that happening with women as well, and that's very unfair!

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    men seem to think it's pretty cool that I ride because no men really ride bikes anymore, especially in my city!

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    That's awesome Are you living in a place like San Francisco? Over here I don't see a lot riders either, never ever seen a female one... and most of the ''riders'' I see are pizza delivery guys, lol.

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    People do give me some odd looks when I stop somewhere but I just give them a big smile and a wave and keep walking! Its getting more and more common for women to be riding bikes; I don't mind the looks, I find them kind of funny!

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    Female riders in Arizona are common. Mostly on Harleys.

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    No offense meant towards anyone, but when these men are looking at you, you really don't know what they are thinking and it's possible that it's your own self conscientiousness that is making you feel the way you do. My ex-wife used to ride all the time and was the only female that would back in the 70's, which was really out of place for the times. It's good to see women enjoying riding and even I look, but I'm thinking about the fun they're having is all.

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    I have traveled with my then 30 year old daughter on a few long week long rides. Let me tell you, women get a lot of attention from men, both on the bike and off. Traveling with her is always eventful in that respect.

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