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    Smile Reactions from guys in Sydney Australia

    I've never had any negative reactions to riding from guys. My husband rides as well. In fact there's a lot of riders from my work & we all organise ride days. I've seen a lot of lady riders around my area which is great. I absolutely love riding & my bike.

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    I wear all the gear, all the time. And none of it is pink, so it's not immediately obvious that I'm female. (My ouvre is fluorescent yellow.)

    I have gotten my fair share of surprise reactions, both from men and from women. "Oh, you're a girl!" That kind of thing.

    On my previous motorcycle, a Victory Cross Roads, the surprise was more noticeable. My husband and I would come out of a restaurant, for example, and walk over to our bikes. People watching would frequently seem to be waiting for me to get on the back of Mike's Vaquero. I could see the surprise when I threw my leg over the big Victory instead.

    I kinda miss that. It was definitely an ego boost to ride an 800-pound, 1800-cc bagger with confidence and competence.
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    That is the way my daughter dresses, but the big tip off is that long French braid hanging down from her helmet. When we ride together and she is in lead position, I see "cagers" doing second takes all the time.

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    Pretty story! ))

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    To my fellow female riders, the best thing that can happen to you is when you ride past a group of little girls. They smile so wide, point to you and then look at their parents and look like, "Wow, I want to do that too!"

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    My wife just turned 65 years old. On her birthday, she bicycled to the summit of Passo di of Italy's most difficult and remote. I can't ride with her any longer, but I was the proudest husband on our little blue planet as I took photos of her as she finished the ascent in freezing, wind blown weather. She has ridden every steep pass in the Italian Alps including the Stelvio, Mortirolo, Alpi di Pompeago, Pordoi, Fedaia, Giau and so many others in Europe and here in the United States. The reason that I mention this in the context of this thread is that in our house, it is the norm that women are stellar at careers, athletic endeavors and any thing that they would choose to undertake. Our daughter is cut from the same cloth as her mom and in addition to her medical career, uses her spare time to teach classes at several of our local fitness centers. Our 11 year old grand daughter, is an excellent student who reads everything she can and is great at math. So, when I see the many women who ride motorcycles around here, I never give it a thought....except for that local women's Harley club. Why them? Because, I just can't keep up with their pace in the twisting foothills. Like Woodswoman on her Victory, these women rock!

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