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    Wecome from Sunny Florida. I only have a 30" inseam so I have similar issues. I have the manual shift and love it, especially with my heel shift arm, but I think the DCT might suite your situation better. There are good deals out there, so Cycle Trader & eBay are your friends. I've been on a CTX for about 4 years now and I've read 99% of every post on both Forums. I can report that there is not enough fruit to make even a glass of lemonaide out there regarding the DCT (any year), or for the CTX itself for that matter. Like anything, there are quirks that are now well known, but all in all, the DTC owners love it.

    I have the ROX risers on the hand bar which lifted it up and back with no issues with the cables. Much more relaxed position for me. I have a fairing style, 18" MadStad and love it. I also have the lowers and recommend them as well. BTW, my CTX is a Trike with a no-longer-available Yelvington 3.0 conversion I installed myself (as well it should be inasmuch as I was involved in the early stages of development!). All of the things I've done over the last 4 years are documented in exhausting detail in my construction thread on the other Forum. Not just Trike specific, virtually all of the mods & fixes are in the 588 posts included therein. About 75% of the posts are mine and there are many hundreds of pictures to go along with the how-to's:

    I didn't have to do much about the shifter and brake pedals since my size 12.5 shoes are handy in that department. But I just looked the pedals over and if I wanted them moved back, say 2 or 3" I would dismount them, cut at angles and have them re-welded to move them back. With the extension bar available from Kuryakyn, moving the foot boards back as well is not hard.

    Here's the details of what I did for a heel shift arm:

    Finally, here is one of my favorite and most used comfort additions:

    Again, welcome & good luck in your shopping.
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