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    Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

    New Member introducing

    Dear fellow Honda-enthousiast,
    i am Stephan from The Netherlands, just a few months ago I earned my motor-license and it's tickling to buy a motor. Just cruising' and relaxing! My interest for CTX700 became after a read an article about Honda's DCT system, i fell in love. Why do you ask? Shifting gears wasn't my thing during the lessons, unless during the exam i earned my license without any doubt, i didn't feel comfortable in city-traffic. DCT is my solution. Because i want to absorb information about this model, i joined this forum today. Thank you for welcome, and enjoy my stay.

    Best regards

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    Hudson, FL (40 miles NW of Tampa)
    Welcome Stephan! Since a lot of CTX'ers are old like me (being 73), it would help us for you to put a somewhat precise location in your profile. In your case city & country is more than enough. Doing so might also get you connected with other CTX'ers physically close to you. Enjoy!
    Former rides: 1955 Triumph 150cc Tiger Cub; 1959 98cc Moto Parilla; 1948 Harley 80ci FL police model; 1964 Honda 250cc CB72; 1991 1200cc Sportster trike; 2006 Hyosung GV650 trike; 1982 Honda SilverWing GL500i trike
    Currently: 2014 Honda CTX700 trike

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    Welcome Stephan: If you plan on doing most of your riding in city traffic, the DCT transmission really shines in that environment. Also don’t forget the outstanding fuel economy. I ride in nothing but stop and go traffic and still average over 60 miles per gallon which I think is outstanding for a bike this size and weight. I looked up the cost of fuel in the Netherlands and excellent fuel economy would also be at the top of my list of must haves.

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    Yonkers, 15 miles north of NYC.
    Welcome Stephan. While there's a bunch of us in the age range as Bob posted, you are exactly the demography Honda had in mind with the CTX700 with DCT. To some of us dust farters the CTX700 has extended our riding years because it's one of the easiest motorcycle to ride. Welcome again and enjoy the ride.

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    Welcome Stephan,

    You'll find plenty DCT lovers here. Take your time and browse through the forum posts. There are plenty of useful and knowledgeable posts for you to take in. Enjoy your bike and ride safely.

    Current ride: 2015 Honda CTX700N DCT ABS
    Puig Universal Touring windscreen
    Custom Taylor 33 reflective rim tape
    Corbin standard seat
    Mutazu rear rack assembly
    Effem Tee closet rod mod
    Dream Apparel throw over saddle bags and Nomad trunk bag

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    Mid Hudson Valley, 60 miles N of NYC
    Welcome from NY in the USA....

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    Welcome, Stephen from the Netherlands. . You'll really I think enjoy this bike.

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    Shifting is sometimes fun, other times a chore. Love my DCT!

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    Enjoy and welcome.
    2014 CTX 700 dct
    2016 NM4

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