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    Smile New Denali Horn!

    I have a neighbor BMW rider that put a Denali horn on his bike. I am going for a smaller plug-n-play Denali, but with only a slightly different decibel output of 113 vs 120! I wanted a better alert system than the scooter sound. I also wanted other drivers to know there is another vehicle in the area! I'll post a followup report with pictures in my Spirit IV album!

    Here is the link to my install video on my YouTube Channel! [URL=""]
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    I have always heard good things about the Denali horns. Looking forward to your review.

    For many years my friends and I all added Stebel horns to our bikes, but I have begun to suspect that Stebel's quality has fallen off. A lot of my buds have had their Stebels die prematurely.

    (I'm running a PIAA Slimline on Flicker; not the loudest I've ever had, but better than stock, and it doesn't require a relay.)
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    I don't always seem to head in the same direction as everyone, but I do get there, and sometimes in a better fashion.

    I would never think about using any horn that has only one volume louder than stock. The stock horn is more than loud enough to say "excuse me" to pedestrians and nearby cars in the city. I don't want to lose the friendly tap for a possible future angry moment. Maybe I could add a separate button for the stock friendly tap, and put a louder one on the easy stock horn button. I've been eyeing the one above, and if I finish some other projects I've started this one is on my list of upgrades.

    I've had cars with 100+ decibel horns prove that on the highway half way from front to back of a semi trailer the driver can't hear anyway. The best I can do most the time is be where I can be seen and where I see one or two exits. Don't pass a car in the city if I can't tell why it stopped, and then slowly. Back off someone's side on the highway if something stops me from finishing the pass.
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