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    Centre Stand grrr

    Hi ladies, I have just put a centre stand on my bike as I am scared it will fall over with the side stand. Unfortunately I haven't been able to engage the centre stand as I either don't have the technique right or am too weak. Has anyone else put a centre stand on?

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    I did. And about a year later, I took it back off and traded it to another member.

    I could not master the technique, either, even with another person helping me. Dropping the bike while trying to get it on the stand was the last straw.

    P.S. Welcome, new member!
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    I'm not a female, but basically you lower the center stand to the ground by standing on it and grab the bike in the rear (I use the passenger handhold near the back tire and one hand on the handlebars) and stand up on the center stand while "quickly" lifting in the rear. The bike will roll backwards a little. If your shoe soles are soft standing on the center stand may hurt your feet. just fyi...

    Once on the center stand I just sit on the bike and push it forwards hitting the brake as soon as the bikes tires are on the ground.

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    It will not fall over on the side stand if you are on a level surface. Not to worry.
    Try lifting up and pulling back when you stand on the center stand foot. Grab something at the rear of the bike (left passenger footpeg maybe). Lift with your legs, not your back.
    When at home, roll the back wheel up onto a piece of 1"X4" board, she'll pop right up on the center stand. Works every time.
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