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    Aug 2018
    Myrtle Beach, SC.

    CTX700 manual 6 speed.

    Hi all, I have been riding 44 years and have owned about 50 bikes since the age of 16. I am getting weaker with age and the old back ain't what it used to be so in looking for a lighter bike I sat on a 700 at the local dealer and had to have one.I found a 2014 on CL with 2500 miles and now the candy red beauty is in the garage where the HD used to be...

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    Welcome to the forum SS2wheels. The CTX sure did extend my riding history also.

    Current ride: 2015 Honda CTX700N DCT ABS
    Puig Universal Touring windscreen
    Custom Taylor 33 reflective rim tape
    Corbin standard seat
    Mutazu rear rack assembly
    Effem Tee closet rod mod
    Dream Apparel throw over saddle bags
    Comie top case

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    Jul 2016
    Hudson, FL (40 miles NW of Tampa)
    Welcome to our world! To increase our enjoyment of your future posts, you should put your location (city/state) in your profile.
    Former rides: 1955 Triumph 150cc Tiger Cub; 1959 98cc Moto Parilla; 1948 Harley 80ci FL police model; 1964 Honda 250cc CB72; 1991 1200cc Sportster trike; 2006 Hyosung GV650 trike; 1982 Honda SilverWing GL500i trike
    Currently: 2014 Honda CTX700 trike

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    Jun 2016
    Warwick, NY
    Welcome! I have a 2014 Candy Red DCT faired model and it puts a smile on my face with every ride and every time I see it in the garage. Enjoy!

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    Jun 2016
    Northern Catskill Mountains, upstate New York
    Welcome, new member! Pull up a chair; beer's in the fridge.

    Hope you'll love your CTX as much as I love mine.
    2014 Honda CTX700ND, "Flicker"
    Former rides
    Cruisers: Victory Cross Roads, Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic, Suzuki Boulevard C50, Suzuki Marauder 800
    Scooters: Suzuki Burgman 650, Suzuki Burgman 400, Honda Elite 80

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    I have have the same bike a 2014-6spd-red since September 2015 and now have 5,300 miles on it! It is technically my first MC and couldn't be happier with it! BTW I am now 73! The weight, the speed, 67mpg and looks all keep me smiling!


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    Aug 2016
    Carlisle, PA
    Hope it gets you through many years of enjoyment.

    At 53 yrs old I got this 2014 CTX700 6 speed manual as my first bike ever in late 2016 and it's the best commuting vehicle I've ever had. I like getting 56 to 60 MPG in the city and 70 MPG on the mountain, and the full fairing with tall stock shield keeps me mostly dry above 35 MPH because I'm only 5'5.

    Some have said a new seat from Corbin or Seth Lamb or your local seat maker can help prevent back issues. Some said they could not ride this bike with stock seat more than an hour and the new seat gave lets them ride all day. My wife and I are fine for a few hours but still getting a new seat. It's on the top of our list after the 17+ yr old carpet gets replaced.

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    Jan 2018
    Blue Ridge GA
    Welcome, ss2wheels. This is a particularly friendly forum w very helpful people aboard. Similar tale here: lifelong motorcyclist on a host of different machines, have in my dotage developed arthritis and pulling a clutch in traffic is no fun. My 2014, red, faired, dct is just what the doctor ordered !!
    Have fun....

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    Jul 2018
    Wichita, KS
    My only previous bike was a Suzuki GS550 about 30 yrs. ago. Now I'm 64 and just got a 2014 Red CTX manual 6 spd All is good...

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    Jul 2016
    Melbourne, Fl below Kennedy Space Ctr
    65 yrs old
    Riding for over 50 yrs
    Probably about 20+ different bikes from Wren Microcycle back in early 60s to Harley to Goldwing and now
    2016 CTX700 DCT with fairing around 8500 miles on it...haven't ridden nearly as much as I'd like to but lots of fun
    I loaded mine up with a ton of mods and rode it to Washington DC and back down to the Space Center in Florida down through
    Blue Ridge loved it...
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