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    Corbin seat - a cautionary post.

    I can empathise with a recent for sale poster on the other site who is selling a practically brand new corbin seat, and has already replaced it with an identical item, just in a different color.
    I too am a new corbin owner and I agonised over different color combinations on their website configurator for an unhealthy amount of time, before eventually placing an order. Dismiss for a moment that the configurator displays a ctx1300 seat which doesn't make a whole lot of difference to the outcome, but rather, accept that the configurator color displayed will be an approximation of the outcome, as the colors selected may not be capable of being represented accurately on the screen due to reproduction limitations.
    It doesn't serve a useful purpose for me to explain my color choices and their precise outcome, suffice it to say that the end result was not quite what I expected.
    Unlike our friend on the other site I am keeping mine and hoping that I will grow to like it.
    So, my advice for potential corbin owners and website configurator users is: if your color choice is something ambitious and not main stream, , be somewhat flexible with the eventual result, or ask for color fabric swatches in the mail up front .
    This advice should not detract from the exceptional build quality, it merely relates to color expectations.
    Just trying to help other forum users is all.....
    Will Morgan.

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    I do not know the story but agree that any color you see on a PC, TV, notebook etc will not be the same in person. On seats made of leather, from one end to the other end of the same hide may not be the same color.

    Best to get a sample before picking a color so you can see it in person, mabe even place it on your bike, in the sun, or garage lighting to see what you are getting. The two hardest colors to match are black and white. I was buying paint, and there was like 100 whites and 50 blacks to pick from......all of them read Black (or white) on the can.

    As for corbin, they have very good quality made seats.
    just my 2 cents, mj

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    People make computer monitor buying decisions based on how bright a monitor is and how saturated it's colors are. Brighter and more saturated sells. So, out of the box, that's the way manufacturers ship them. Photographers and graphic designers come at it from another point of view. They spend a great amount of time and no small amount of money calibrating their monitors (profiling is the more accurate term) so that they can get the colors on their monitor to agree with the colors from output devices like commercial printers. It's a complex process called color management. The calibration process creates a monitor with a lot less luminosity than what comes out of the box. After calibration, the colors that are sent from their computers to their monitors are adjusted to a standard set by the International Color Consortium (ICC) . So, when you look at the colors of a Corbin seat on the web, or clothing colors on your favorite shopping site, your very bright and very saturated monitor will display them at variance to the ICC standards. In short, you do not see the colors as they were intended to be seen.

    That's the blah, blah, blah on why MJC is right about colors that you see on TV or on your computer monitor. MJC is also right about Corbin being a really well made seat. Mine looks new after well over 30,000 miles of carrying me and my wife all over the west. But, a (Corbin, Lamm, Russell) seat is like a well made suit. You can order one online, but you'll like the way it feels a lot better if you go in for a fitting.
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    100% correct. I do photography and my 25" monitor and notebooks all have their screens color calibrated. I use ICC profiles for printing as you even have to correct for different types of paper you print on. I even use a Google Pixel2 phone as you can set the screen for "neutral" or more correct, and when watching movies "saturated."
    Even with this, some vendors do not take the time to do the same when posting colors so they can still be wrong. Scanning colors, shooting colors pictures under incorrect lighting or conditions affect the original color that is displayed, so basically correct color starts with the control of the image, and carries all the way across to output or display. Garbage in, Garbage out...
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    Good explanations.

    My husband was a color analyst for IKON Office Solutions, in their production color division. The kind of calibration described above was his "thing" for quite a few years before he retired.
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