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Thread: Helmet

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    Hi Guys.
    Which 200$ helmet would you recommend of buying?

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    The one that fits correctly and is on sale for $100 or less. You can't beat a brick and mortar store like Cycle Gear when they tell you about hot spots, head shapes, and help you try a few on till you have one that will stay comfortable for hours at a time.

    Of course, it should be certified for something more than a DOT sticker, or at least self checked for the DOT requirements. The road to getting a DOT sticker is paved with good intentions, and believing you can be careful enough to not need a helmet is also a good intention.

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    This answer may come off as snotty. Please understand I don't mean to be or sound snotty. Moreover, I'm taking a guess that you're a newer rider, so this is basic advice. No offense intended.

    The best helmet is the one that you will wear. If a helmet fits you well, then you will wear it. To get the best fit, you need to try that helmet on, period. And wear it long enough that you can figure out whether it will press too hard somewhere and give you a headache, will persistently tilt your eyeglasses uncomfortably, etc.

    Few if any internet sellers will let you return a helmet. So, as Kujawskir says above, going to a real store to try on a helmet is the best way to get started. Having someone at a store help you with correct fit is a big positive about shopping in person.

    Also, don't assume that if (for example) a particular size and model of GMAX helmet fits you comfortably, then all GMAX helmets will fit you just as well. That's not the case. Just mentioning this, to prevent you from making a mistake that I once made.

    DOT-certified at the very least, Snell for choice. Take good care of that brain.
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    Thanks guys

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