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Spirit 4

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This is my 2014 CTX700N.
  1. Grip-On new slide on grips!
  2. The MotoProCam Cameras and DVR have been installed. I'll post video shortly on my YouTube Channel!
  3. I added this $15 "Bluetooth Helmet Headset" to my newest helmet. Works great! This allows me to keep my more permanently mounted Sena unit on the...
  4. Ace Z1R Wine 2 Close enough match to bike color!
  5. My training wheels a Phantom Ghost 26, then came the CTX700N!
  6. Ready to ride on the first 70 degree day in weeks!
  7. Sans top box but using bags!
  8. New Saddlebag Panels & OEM Exhaust
  9. Honda CTX700 OEM bags and there was still room for ice and chips!
  10. Applying New Reflectors to OEM Bags
  11. Back up power- Guaranteed Start!
  12. New Lights Reflectors on OEM Honda Bags
  13. The StS unit has arrived, installation details to follow!
  14. Puig Universal Touring II  Windscreen Alignment Angle
  15. 2014 CTX Great Riding Position!
  16. 2015 CTX700 dyno honda, pobablt thee same as 2014 model!
  17. Dowco Guardian Winter Cover. CTX700N has an E450 Givi top box and Puig Touring II windscreen
  18. Motorcycle Shootout CTX700, still looks good!
  19. Installing GearTronic Zero
  20. Field Shot DTR area Right
  21. Field Shot DTR area Left
  22. Outside Air Temp
  23. USA Arrival of CTX700N IMG 6142
  24. CTX700N Tag Information
  25. HDR AS200V W & came with a 64 gig card, waterproof case & editing software
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