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Thread: Dumb and Dumber

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    Has anyone else noticed the problems with this website? I get an email, and decide to reply. It wonít let me. Been a member for some years, as Jerryreliable. Site automatically remembered my password, then said it was incorrect. So after a dozen emails from the site, the most complicated generated passwords ever created, I still wasnít able to sign in. So, finally in frustration because all I wanted to do was answer a new members post that had been emailed me, on the umteenth attempt, I became my password, and my password became me. I switched them around, and so here I am.
    Still havenít been able to say hi to the new member who asked about the bike. My feeling is, this security stuff with symbols and stupid stuff that the site then doesnít recognize, is pure BS. And of course, there is no way to contact the site, which doesnít remember me, but now knows me as my password, and my password as my name. ???

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    Same thing happened to me. My PC went down and I had to get a new one. Came to this site and they said my name and password was incorrect. I had to start over with a new name and password. I then told everyone that I was not a new guy but was using a new name and if you wanted to PM me or ask something about the posts under my old name to use my new name. It was hard to deal with, and made some of my old posts (under my old name) hard to understand. You would think after over a year that someone could have fixed this for me after asking, by using PM to the admin, I asked for help weekly, then stoped asking becuase no one PMed me back.
    It was only after some new members somehow got to the owner of this site and where making some changes that I sent a PM to the Admin and got a reply. Then I asked him to fix my name etc. And he did.

    The Admin posted about needing some help (see old posts) and members replyed but the Admin never went on to get the help he asked for. I have PMed the Admin about this and still no reply.

    In short, This is one if the best forums for the cxt700 out there. The way it is run is better then the other forums has we do not have to deal with the BS (like the other forum) but we could use help in the password, lost password, member joining, etc department.

    Sorry about your name/password, guess like me, in a year or so it will get worked out (lol), it may just be the price we pay for not having to deal with the other BS......
    BTW, the admin seems to be a nice guy, I do not think he has a ctx700 any longer but still keeps this forum going. very nice of him to do so.

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    Thanks for the post guys. MJC is correct I do not have a CTX.. That being said there is no reason for me to close the site. Its hard to find time to run so I have PM's the people interested in helping and have set up their access.

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