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    I won't be installing them anytime soon. We've got 18" of snow on the ground, about 39 degrees at best. I figure another 2 months and I can start getting things together. The bike is just on the tender, under its cover hibernating.

    I'm like professor. Storing up stuff to add. Shanghai Dan's oiler block, the lowers and the driving lights. I was thinking of seriously looking at the new goldwing, but the C does everything I need it to do, and I've added so much to it for fun that realistically there's no point. My wife has the can am rt, the C is perfect for me, and it's paid for. The GW would be almost 4 times more than what I've got into the C and that would be just plain silly to do that.

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    May 2016
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    I hear ya, I am in the Storing Up Stuff To Add Club too. Some things I ordered last winter and still did not install yet. If it goes from cold to warm fast, then the install days turn into riding

    My list this year (to install) is so long that, first warm day, and I am going to take the bike apart, do all the maintenance, install all the new parts/mods then put the bike back together. Then ride baby ride........ at least that is the plan. lol.

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